All I want for Christmas is…

Well it’s that time of year. Winter has come through the solstice, and soon Christmas day will be upon us. I’ve also been celebrating Hanukkah this year, lighting my menorah religiously and eating way too many chocolate coins…

But Christmas is the big holiday celebrated in my family, and the holiday has become the high point of the year for many. With gifts coming from all around, one can be bombarded by all sorts of things that are either lame, useless, or awesome. Here is a list of some of the things I would love to have for Christmas…

Star Wars VII not to suck


I can’t stress enough how much Star Wars means to millions of people. Much like Star Trek is so important to millions of people. And JJ Abrams turned ‘Into Darkness’ into ‘POO’. I hated it.

So here’s what i want: I want Star Wars 7 to be original and awesome. No remaking an old movie in the name of ‘fan service’. Boo. Make it good. I want terrible dialogue, lightsaber fights, and some sweet X wing action. Think you can handle that JJ?



So this thing is real. You can watch a video here. I mean seriously, we’ve been waiting for these things forever. And this one can be made for about 20-25 grand depending on how fancy you want to get. That’s as much as a car. A CAR. When are we going to get a reasonably priced version of this? I wants one. In the worst way.


Please Mr. Whedon? Please? Just sell the rights to Disney and I bet you could get another deal…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody. See you after the New Year!

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