Hacking Science Fiction

Here’s the problem with Science Fiction:

It’s made up.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach it, provided the story is presented interestingly enough to capture attention.

But how does one go about exploring their ideas and making them a viable, sellable, readable product?

Well there are a few hacks…


News Feed

Don’t sleep on the news feed for story ideas. Discoveries are being made every day, and one of those stories may lead you to inspiration.

Old Stories

Do you really like the ideas explored in an older science fiction story but want to put a new twist on it? Go right ahead.


Collaboration is a much underused hack. There’s always someone in our lives who has ideas just as good as ours; why not ask them to write a book with you? If you can each churn out 25k words, that’s well on the way to a novel length story.

Listen to The Silly Robots Podcast

We have tons of ideas for you to take! For free! Here’s our latest episode, which deals with the craft of writing:



DVD Giveaway

Don’t forget that we have some Hayao Miyazaki DVD’s to give away for listening to the podcast. Respond on Twitter or Facebook with the right answer and hashtag and you can win! The Wind Rises is still up for grabs!

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