The Science of Fiction

Fiction in general is rampant throughout this world. It is a byproduct of our storied nature; we must tell stories. Everyone tells stories, whether relating a memory, or making something completely from scratch. What I find interesting, is that most stories fit into certain veins, yet they go their own direction once there.

Sci Fi is more like a major artery with veins that go in every direction. There are countless genres and sub-genres as well, making the craft of writing Sci Fi akin to weaving a tapestry, or making up the intricate pattern of a birds plumage.

2014-02-08 19.28.41

(this is the plumage from a Rio Grande turkey I harvested this past winter. The details in these birds feathers is astounding. Great camouflage.)

But what makes it so interesting?

1. All of the sub genres

Sci Fi covers everything from Earth ravaged in war to space ships reaching the far edges of the universe. There’s a lot of space in between, and anything goes. I’m still waiting for a cyberpunk-alien invasion-space opera to be written.

2. The intricacy

Everything within Sci Fi has little nuances that make it what it is. There are usually no trolls in cyberpunk, FTL ships don’t have traffic signals, and steam engines run on steam. These tiny things fit different Sci Fi into a certain niche, making the experience whole.

3. Rules are made to be broken

As in point #1, rules are made to be broken. Replacing a nuance with a glaring anachronism (or something like that) is what makes some Sci Fi great. Like how Back to the Future replaced Victorian England with the California 1980’s. Sometimes blurring lines can make the contrast even sharper.