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There’s a new thing in town. And by town I mean the internet. And by the internet I mean the thing that drives us all mad.

But I digress.

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Here’s a sneak preview of some of our upcoming episodes…

  1. Intro
  2. Interview with author Nick Thacker
  3. Music Review – The Dear Hunter: Act IV, Rebirth in Reprise/CHVRCHES Every open Eye
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu Ray review

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What kind of music do people in space listen to?

So we’ve all seen those episodes of Star Trek TOS when Spock is playing that ridiculous instrument right?

By the way, RIP Leonard Nimoy. That guy was awesome. I think my tweet on the day of his death summed up how I took it:

But back to my question: you’ve seen it right? It’s weird. And totally just 60’s music ‘played’ on a weird instrument. There’s even one episode with a whole band of hippies. Look it up.

And I’m sure it was a product of the era that particular Sci Fi was made. Huxley has his ‘Malthusian Blues’, not in a space ship but in a weird future. Riker just plays his trombone. I’ve been told that some of our US Navy ships host bands made of their sailors. Do they do the same thing on starships? And do they have access to current music, or are they stuck with whatever they take with them?

Why Frozen Was Terrible and Captain America 2 Wasn’t


Don’t read on if you haven’t seen these movies…




If any of you are super huge fans of Frozen, don’t hate me. Because I think that you will find my reasoning convincing. And I will also say that the title was somewhat misleading…

Why Frozen was Good

Here’s what was good about Frozen: The animation, (some of) the characters, and (of course) the music.

The animation is super slick, even if the Caribou has weird hybrid elk antlers…

The landscapes were flawless as far as I could tell, the character movement was graceful, and the weather changes were intense. I was captivated by the movement on the screen, and it was fairly entertaining.

The characters of Olaf and Sven carried the movie. Olaf was extremely funny, giving comic relief in a pretty one dimensional setting. Sven provided some comedy, but was much more relevant as the physical embodiment of Kristoff’s conscience.

The music was great. As always, Disney knows how to write songs for a musical. I think Frozen ranks right up there with Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King as far as the music goes. Pretty hard to screw that up with all of the great musicians and composers that Disney can pay.

Why Frozen was Bad

It was bad because of a weak storyline and rushed plot points. We spanned a decade or two in a few minutes, showing Elsa isolate herself? Come on. They never had dinner together? “Let it Go’ was a huge change in Elsa’s character? She went from isolating herself in one palace to isolating herself in another. She let go of the gloves people. The gloves. That’s all. And what’s up with Anna falling for some random player at a party? I liked Elsa’s reaction, but is Anna just below the average IQ line? A sloppy plot led to a few one dimensional characters and some pretty cliche storytelling. When the funny snowman and sentient caribou are the best characters in the movie, something is wrong.

Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier wasn’t bad

The writing, the visuals, and the great characters.

The writing was impeccable. The subtitle of this movie is ‘The Winter Soldier’. So you think that the whole movie is going to be about the mysterious assassin. And that would be fine if Captain America was this new hero that everyone was getting into. But he isn’t. He’s been around. The Winter Soldier has been around. So the writers of the film had to go well beyond anything us fanboys and girls could imagine. Of course there are cheesy lines and the inevitable Stan lee cameo, but we expect those in a Marvel movie. A strong plot is a good plot.

The visuals. OMG. Fight with legendary UFC fighter GSP? Check. Hellicarrier jumping? Check. Explosions? Check.

The Characters. Chris Evans continues to grow into his character and as an actor in general. ScarJo is her usual self. Sam Jackson delivers a solid Sam Jackson. Which is a bunch of talk about actors and not characters…But Cap has to deal with some heartbreaking stuff in this movie and it makes him stronger. And not so much of a boy scout. More like a libertarian juggernaut! And the supporting characters get a little more screen time and plot space. And the villains are awesome. Go see it.

To Wrap Things Up

Now I will concede some points: Frozen is a children’s movie and maybe shouldn’t be scrutinized so hard. Maybe. But I think a few other animated children’s movies put out by Disney would disagree. It is possible to get over that hump.

Cap 2 had a whole Marvel Universe behind it to help move the plot along. However, so did Thor 2 and it wasn’t that great. Let’s hope Avengers 2 is on top of them all.


Just some thoughts. Go see Cap and give Frozen a rental. You’ll be glad you did.



Top 5 Sci Fi inspired songs


Today is a rare treat. Two of my passions will cross and if you continue reading this post, you will also have to listen to it. Below are my top 5 songs inspired by science fiction. A nerdy mixtape if you will. Just listen to these sweet tones.

5. Surfing With the Alien – Joe Satriani


Joe Satriani is one of the absolute best guitar players on the planet. He is also a huge fan of Marvel Comics and the Silver Surfer in particular. Check out what he thinks it sounds like to surf on a cosmic powered interstellar board.

4. Robot Rock – Daft Punk


Of course techno is made by robots. But what if these robots also…rocked..?

3. Princes of the Universe – Queen


Everyone loves ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. This one is just as good and is about immortal warriors who fight for the Quickening. That rocks.

2. The Crowing – Coheed and Cambria


So this was a really hard choice for me. Coheed and Cambria’s entire purpose as a band is to tell a Science Fiction story they made up. They even have a comic series now. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs because it has weird lyrics about the story and some awesome guitar work and time signature changes. Enjoy.

1. Knights of Cydonia – Muse


Laser gun weilding kung fu cowboys. That’s all I’m gonna say.


Honorable Mentions:

2112 – Rush

This is quite possibly the most spacey/sci fi thing out there, but it’s really long. I’ve listened to the whole thing maybe twice. Just because it tires me.

 Intergalactic – Beastie Boyz


A dope beat and a giant robot doing the robot. Always fun.

Gifts and Curses – Yellowcard


Written exclusively for ‘Spiderman 2’ this song falls into the sci fi category. It is, however, still just a love song. Yellowcard could have released this song on an album and no one would have known the difference. Which is why it only gets an honorable mention.