A Few Updates

I’m in the editing stage with some of my short stories right now. I’ve been designing covers, having beta readers look over manuscripts, and reading through myself to find errors and other things that could be changed. And this is all on top of my other two jobs.

It’s very taxing.

But I don’t have the funds for a professional editor right now, so I’ll rely on my friend with an English degree who is working on his Master’s.

Yet I still have the urge to write. I already started writing another story and hope to finish it sometime within the next month. So here’s what’s going to happen at Silly Robots for the next few weeks:

I am still trying to write weekly posts. I hope to have a few articles on boring plots and influences on science fiction coming in the near future. There will also be a guest post by my friend and fellow writer Grant Barnes on the question, “What if..?”

I will be releasing three of my short stories as singles and a collection on Amazon either right before Christmas or right after the New Year (depending on the editing mentioned above) totaling over 100 pages of short story!

Very exciting stuff.

I have added a new page to the site regarding guest posting. If you would like to guest post, click on the guest post menu option and follow the instructions. I won’t promise that everyone will get their post put up, but everyone will get a look.

How are your projects going? I would love to hear about them. You can email me at authorwillflora@gmail.com for reviewing, beta reading and the like. [note: I am NOT an editor. Please do not ask me to edit your writing.]

Keep writing everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Here are a couple of the short story covers I have been working on. Enjoy!

West of the city cover 4

Zefron Cover 1