Writing repititiously

So…who writes every day?


Not me certainly. I’m busy. This gig is a hobby at best for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing SciFi, I just don’t have a lot of time to do it.
But I have been writing at least twice a week for the past several months.

Some of it is pretty good.

Some of it is just ok.

Some of it is complete and total garbage.
But now it’s out and can either be fixed or scrapped.

How often do you write?

If it isn’t at least once a week, try that out. Shoot for more though. I find that the more I write, the more I have that can be good, and can be turned into something a reader will want. I could care less how many books I sell, I just want people to enjoy what I write. I wrote a novel, and I’ve had some mixed reviews on it so far. I’ve also written a non-fiction Christian book, Presbybapticostalism, and I have only heard positive feedback.

But I sent time writing those books. I had to spend lots of time writing to get them both out. If one tanks, oh well. The other one is helping a lot of people.
So how much are you writing? Are you finishing that novel? Are you working on a screenplay? How many songs have you written in the past month?

Well then you need to write some more.

5 thoughts on “Writing repititiously

  1. I would like to write more often, but lately I’d be lucky if I wrote a 1000 words per week. I’m at the very end of my WIP, and yet it’s taking way too long.

    1. wf1019

      I know what you mean. Sometimes you just gotta push through and make yourself write something. I hope you can push through!

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