Biblical Bad Guys

Here’s a question:

Who is the baddest bad guyever?

The answer of course is Satan.

Yeah. I went there.

But seriously though, let’s talk about bad guys in the Bible. There are mass murderers, hit men, hookers, warlords, sorcerers…the list goes on and on.

So why not tap into that resource?

I’m a pastor, I read the Bible all the time and have to talk about these guys, along with good guys and of course God, so they’re more readily in my mind. And no matter what you believe about the Bible, you can definitely use it to model characters.

We all know that everyone’s hero is a type of Jesus, but what if your villain was say…Herod the Great. An ego maniacal nut job who thought he was entitled to the same worship as God. These traveling guys tell him that the King of the Jews was born, Jesus. Herod is not happy with this and orders that all boys under the age of two are to be killed. Because there can’t be a King of the Jews. Herod is king of the Jews.


And Herod is not even in the Bible until the 40th book! There are plenty before and after him.

So try this on.

Steps to modeling a Biblical villain:

1.Read the story

This is a given. If you’re going to model something you have to know what it is right? If you try to make a villain model someone in the Bible, and give interviews and all kinds of sound bites saying you did, there better be at least a slight resemblence of the original story. Otherwise, you’re just going to look completely stupid.

2. Pick a villain. Any villain.

If you read the whole Bible, there are plenty of villains to choose from. (Just make sure to see number one on this list.) Let’s face it: everything’s been done. So using a resource is not bad. You can use comic books too as far as this idea goes. I’m just putting a very exhaustive resource forward.

3. Have scenarios that model their actions.

Remember Herod? And killing the babies so he would be the only king? Even though he died pretty soon after that…Anyway. What if you had a villain who was an ace fighter pilot? Have him order the hits on a bunch of other ace pilots so only he will remain.


I hope you will at least consider this. And number 1 is in effect if you are strictly modeling the Biblical account. (If you just want an ego maniacal maniac, read Batman and model the Joker.)

But seriously think about it. There are thousands and thousands of words featuring villains in the Bible. Go show the world why they’re so evil. And write a great book while you’re at it.

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