Crazy Horse

“Science fiction at its best should be crazy and dangerous, not sane and safe.”
Paul Di Filippo, How To Write Science Fiction

When you read Science Fiction, what is it you want?

Do you want a sprawling galaxy like Star Trek where an unlimited number of species are working together to fight off the uh what three evil species?

Or do you like Firefly, where they fly around a Solar System dodging the authorities and creepy space zombie cannibals?

Or maybe you like something a little more cyberpunky like Ghost in the Shell.

I personally like them all.

And I think I like them all because they’re dangerous and crazy.

Take Trek for example. People exploring the galaxy and seeking out new life forms. Have you watched TOS? They get into trouble all the time because they can’t just stay on the Enterprise.

Firefly? Shootouts, and mobsters, and trains, and gimongous Alliance spaceships that dwarf Serenity.

Ghost in the Shell? They live in robot bodies and shoot at everything. (After they talk for five episodes straight of course.)

Lots of danger. Lots of action. Lots of insanity.

In my short story called “Rain on the Roof”, which will be releasing soon, I get a little crazy and dangerous. There’s a guy stuck in a wal-mart-esque store while it’s pouring down rain outside and no one can go anywhere. It’s loosely based on real life experiences…

But it’s OK to be crazy! If it’s safe, it probably isn’tfiction is it? We read books to escape reality, not to do all of the things we already do. No, we want to fly space ships and shoot lasers and pick up strange alien parasites that attach to our faces and..and…

Sorry I got a little carried away.

What are you doing in your book that’s crazy?

Crazy Horses?


Robots that have become sentient?

Tell Me.

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