Why Sci Fi?

Sci Fi as a genre has always fascinated me.

It’s fantastical.

It makes me think.

It has lightsabers and giant robots.

My earliest memories of Sci Fi are of Star Wars. When i was a kid the spaceships were the coolest thing to me. I just finished writing a novel, and every time my I pictured my space fighters all I could see were X-wings.

it just gets stuck in my head.

Star Trek TOS is also a favorite of mine, but for a different reason: the stories.

I’m a youth pastor when I’m not writing books, and one of the best parts of my job is the Bible. It’s full of great stories, many of which have been replicated throughout literature for millennia. I am an individual who is greatly engrossed in story.

My good friend Grant Barnes is just as avid a SciFi fan as myself, and between the two of us we are the Nerdcore Theologians. Mostly him, I guest post at nerdcoretheology.com. There at his blog we intermingle nerdy things and theology; it’s real fun.

But I want to know what drives you to Science Fiction.

What is it about this particular genre that grabs you?

For me it’s the story and the spaceships.

Please, leave comments below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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